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Everclear Pool & Spa Construction is the best pool company, far surpassing any other swimming pool contractors in Salt Lake City & all of Utah!  When searching for pool companies you can trust, choose Everclear Pool & Spa Co!

Do you feel like your backyard could benefit from an upgrade? Are you thinking about getting a pool or remodeling an existing one? There is no shortage of options available for you! Our remodeling specialists can upgrade any pool with the decorative, inspired look that fits your personal preferences.

Putting Our Remodeling To Work For Your Backyard

We specialize in custom concrete & gunite pools, vinyl lined pools and spa upgrades. We also provide resurfacing services for restoration and remodeling projects. Our remodeling team works with you throughout the design process. In the very beginning, we will explore your design ideas and show you how we can make your dream pool a reality. Once we’ve determined what style best suits you, we begin the construction process. We consult with professional, licensed professionals to guarantee that all lighting, gas and plumbing requirements can be safely met with the addition of the pool. We then begin construction, overseeing all aspects of the design process, including site development, excavation plumbing and reinforcement.

Utah Swimming Pool Builder

Getting The Most Out Of Your Pool

Our goal is to provide maximum value to each client we serve. We can assist in both remodeling and building new pools. We can also provide you with additional services to keep your pool in stellar shape. From minor touch-ups like liner replacement to major cosmetic work like deck repair, we have custom repair and maintenance services to fit your needs and keep your family safe.

There are now more affordable options than ever in upgrading your Utah pool. We’re happy to answer any of your questions about your planned remodel and would be happy to walk you through some of projects in our portfolio. We want to make your dream pool a reality; we are here to work with you every step of the way to transform your backyard into a happy, relaxing entertainment hub you’ve imagined it to be.


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